The Asheville Mountain Boys were born out of recording for Marshall Brown’s Album “Another Day”. After touring on that album for a few months and developing a unique sound, the band decided to form a new identity. The Asheville Mountain Boys features Zeb Gambill (mandolin), John Duncan (banjo), Jacob Brewer (bass), and Marshall Brown (guitar). The band is performing live throughout North Carolina and beyond, with upcoming shows in Wilmington, Asheville, Chicago and many more cities throughout the eastern United States. The Asheville Mountain Boys focus on tight instrumentation and emotionally-charged bluegrass harmonies. Their influences include Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Red Allen, J.D. Crowe and Tony Rice, among others.



The Asheville Mountain Boys consists of Asheville based musicians John Duncan, Zeb Gambill, Jacob Brewer, and Marshall Brown. Each of these musicians has a unique background of musical influences, but they share a love of traditional bluegrass music. Their influences span from first-generation bluegrass musicians, like Bill Monroe and the Stanley Brothers, through the 1960s with acts like the Kentucky Colonels and Red Allen, up to Tony Rice and The Bluegrass Album Band. The Asheville Mountain Boys highlight instrumentation as well as the emotionally charged harmonies of traditional bluegrass music.